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Top 10 Valentine’s gifts for her

By Kaitlyn Bakke

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

Deciding what to get for your loved one can be difficult; you want to get your girlfriend, wife or best friend a thoughtful gift that she will never forget. We’re here to help. Here are our top ten gift ideas to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day.  

  1. Flowers 

You can never go wrong with flowers, they are guaranteed to make someone smile. Roses specifically are very romantic and would be perfect to give someone, but you can get them whatever their favorites are.  

2. Box of Chocolates 

A heart shaped box of chocolates can be a very good gift. Who doesn’t like candy?

3. Jewelry

Jewelry can go both ways. You can go with a necklace or ring for your girl.

4. Teddy Bear/Stuffed Animals 

 Stuffed animals can be the cute route. Who wouldn’t want a super soft animal to cuddle with?

5. Cards /Letters

If you don’t know what to get someone, a card is always great for the occasion. Put a little note inside and you’ll be good to go!  

6. Candy 

Candy always works too. Pick out some of their favorites.

7. Pictures/Memories 

A very thoughtful gift is a picture of you two together in a frame or in some sort of memory box. This brings back your beloved memories together; it’s something that she can keep forever and cherish.

  8. Food 

A girl has got to eat. Dinner can be a nice way for the two of you to spend a night together and make her happy. 

9. Movie Tickets

If your girl loves movies, why not get her some movie tickets? It can be more quality time spent together doing something entertaining.  

9. Spa day 

Treat your girl to a spa day. She’ll love the chance for her to treat herself and get her nails done.

At the end of the day, showing her you care will go a long way. Just do what you think is romantic, and she’ll love it!