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Top 10 pizza places in the Forest City area

By Joseph Halverson

In the Waldorf area, there are several pizza places, franchises and small businesses. In this ranking, these pizza places will be judged off of quality of both the pizza and the service. While the majority of the pizza places are in Forest City, there are a couple of pizza places located in Clear Lake.

10. Kwik Star

Located in the northern part of Forest City, this franchised gas station comes in at number ten on the list. Although not famous for their pizza, this gas station does serve pizza ready-to-go. This pizza is premade and lacks the quality of freshness compared to other pizzas on the list. Regardless, this gas station is a good choice if one were to need pizza immediately.

9. Subway

Near Waldorf University campus, Subway is a quick choice for any Waldorf student looking for pizza. This company, which is mainly known for the sub sandwiches, also offers personal pizzas. What this pizza place lacks, similar to Kwik Star, is their lack of passion and time put into their pizza compared to the other places on this list. Just like Kwik Star, however, this restaurant is a quick option when it comes to grabbing a slice.

8. Hy-Vee

Known for their great service, Hy-Vee also has cooked pizza ready for any customer. Forest City Hy-Vee is lucky to have a diner where pizza is served. The only hit this place took is the pizza is cooked whenever, and it could be sitting around for a while if one were to show up at the wrong time.

7. Godfather’s Pizza

Coming in at number seven, this the second gas station pizza place on the list. This pizza can be found at Sid’s Pit Stop along Highway 69. Godfather’s Pizza can be found almost anywhere and for a good reason. Godfather’s offers quality pizza which is ready-to-go for any customer who wants it.

6. The Other Place

Located in Clear Lake, this pizza spot comes in at number six on the list. Specializing in pizza, The Other Place has a dedication to creating high quality pizza. This restaurant is a great choice for pizza as they also offer an assortment of other foods and sports.

5. Papa Everett’s

This restaurant, also located in Clear Lake, comes in at number five on the list. This restaurant also specializes in pizza, but with a lot more variants in crust, sauce, type, etc. Papa Everett’s ranks so high due to the wide variety of pizza the place offers.

4. Super Bowl, Inc.

Known as a bowling alley, this place is also a great stop for pizza. Just outside of Forest City, Super Bowl is a popular stop for Waldorf students. With a kitchen open until 1 a.m., the pizza is delicious with a thick crust and fresh cheese while also offering a variety of toppings.

3. Casey’s

This Midwest favorite comes in at number three on the best pizza places in the Forest City area. This is the final gas station pizza on the list. From the variant of pizza, to the unique doughy, almost undercooked crust, Casey’s is a top choice as it is favored by a large percentage of people in the Midwest.

2. Shooterz

Coming in at number two on the list is this popular Forest City bar and grill. This restaurant keeps their pizza simple; they offer three different sizes with the choosing of about 10 toppings. This is what Shooterz does right with their pizza, as they are more able to focus on the taste and quality of the fresh pizza.

  1. Borderline Pizza

The best pizza in the Forest City area is Borderline Pizza. Located along Highway 69, right by Shooterz, inside Taco Jerry’s, this pizza place is a hidden gem of Forest City. Similar to Shooterz, this pizza place has little choices to focus on quality. From the crispy crust to the fresh hot cheese, this pizza excels in all things pizza and rightfully earns the number one spot on this list.