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Top 10 movies to NEVER watch alone

By Courtney Swessinger

We have all seen them: those movies that make us want to jump and cling onto the ceiling as a friend jokes. Or maybe it’s that inspirational movie that makes you want to snuggle. Or what about the movies that leave in pools of tears? These are the movies that made me want to do all three. So sit tight and pop the popcorn because this is my list for top ten movies you should not watch alone.

10.  The Woman in Black

When this movie came out in 2012, it was seen as one of the better British horror films with one newspaper from across the pond, The Sunday Mirror, saying, “DON’T GO UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING SCARED OUT OF YOUR WITS.” This PG-13 film makes this list because you never know what is going to happen. This darker movie plays on suspense making it number ten on the list, and one that, unless you do not want to be able to sleep, you should bring a friend.

9. Rudy

While this movie is an older movie (1993), this is an inspirational movie that is also kind of a sob story. If you aren’t careful this will make you smile. I would recommend snuggling up with the football fan in your life while you both watch this movie for a date night, or even a pizza night. As one New York Times critic said, “For all its patness, the movie also has a gritty realism that is not found in many higher-priced versions of the same thing, and its happy ending is not the typical Hollywood leap into fantasy.” So go watch it today!

8. Marley and Me

This movie hits the number eight spot for its ability to leave you unable to ever cry again. Marley and Me came out in 2008, and is a comedy but a sad movie as you follow Marley through his entire life, and all the drama it brings to a young couple played by Owen Hart and Jennifer Aniston. A friend is one person needed to cope with all the life and the very end of the movie (not going to spoil it), but if you want to see what this movie is about drag a friend and have a movie marathon while crying your eyes out.

7. Paranormal Activity

For number seven on this list, “Paranormal Activity” makes quite the splash with this mockumentary style movie released in 2009 which portrays a demon haunting a guy and his girlfriend in their house. The girl, Katie, has an interest in the paranormal so when the paranormal come out to play…who would suspect what is happening is going to come true? The movie features Katie Featherston as Katie and Micah Sloat as Micah the boyfriend in the movie. So cuddle up and watch this movie if you dare!

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This horror movie, as the name implies, is about a massacre in Texas that uses a chainsaw. This movie was rebooted in 2013, which makes it much scarier as graphics have gotten better over the years. So if people want to give this a try, bring a spare change of pants because it does get a little intense as it progresses. On that note, make sure your friend brings a spare change of pants too because you never know what is going to show up at 10:00 at night outside your room.

5. The Exorcist

This 1973 horror movie brings a new meaning to the term fear. According to, “”The Exorcist” taps into all sorts of things that make people feel freaked out – religion, the development of the human body, creepy houses and that’s before any heads spin backwards, emit projectile vomit or speak in tongues.” So if you or your friend are a fan of any of those things, check out this movie! This is also a classic movie so if you are into original horror this one is for you.

4. Annabelle

This creepy newer movie may make you think twice about having dolls around the house. Even though this movie came out in 2014 it still is one of those that brings chills down your spine. This movie features a creepy doll making things come to life and things happen in a tingly, scary way. This is why this one makes number four. Who doesn’t want a creepy doll coming after them? Make sure you lock your doors when watching this movie.

3. The Human Centipede

This movie is scary in its own way as it provides an interesting take into the world of horror/gore. This movie is about a mad scientist named Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser) who captures two girls who get lost in the woods and a Japanese tourist who make up this centipede. This leads to lots of horrible things happening. As New York Times reviewer, Jeannette Catsoulis, said in her review, “…either way this twisted, hammy bio-horror is sufficiently original to lure even the most satiated genre fans.” While this film is more gore than anything, this is still one film that even the biggest gore fans should not miss and one that they should invite a friend to see.

2. Titanic

To break up all the horror flicks how about a romantic can’t miss movie? This movie involves the rich girl and the poor, dirt guy in a tale of the ages as young Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) and the love of his young life meet aboard the Titanic just to have that life ripped apart in mere minutes. This tragic tale is one that boys and girls will watch together, especially on romantic days. So this is why this one is a cannot miss flick.

1. The Gallows

This film which was recently released this year portrays a young actor who is out for revenge from beyond the grave. This film follows Reese Houser (Reese Mishler) and Pfeifer Ross (Pfeier Brown) as they seek to overcome the horror of a ghost of a boy killed accidentally in an accident who is out to get revenge on anyone involved. As Richard Roper of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote, “In a quick 80 minutes, we get the back story, we meet the four core characters (all of the young actors do fine work), get the wits scared out of us about a half-dozen times and wind up with a VERY creepy ending.” However, might I suggest bringing your favorite stuffed animal with you to watch this movie? You may need some comfort.

Well this wraps up our top ten for this week although there are probably many more movies that fit into this category. I know there are plenty of other movies that did not quite make this list. “The Ring,” the rest of the “Paranormal Activity” series, “The Mummy” and any Disney movie. You name it; it could have appeared on this list but got beat out.

Do you have any movies that you would have liked to see on this list? How would you have ranked this list? Please comment your answers below!