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Top 10 Halloween movies

Freddy and Jason are ready to battle it out in the movie “Freddy vs Jason.” Photo by .

By: Jarod McKee

It’s about that time of the year again where people like to get a little spooky, or as some people like to call it–Spooky Szn. Other than the occasional halloween party or trick-or-treating, most people like to just hang out at home and watch the scary, thrilling movies that are a Halloween hallmark.

“Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,” said Jake Goodrich, a Waldorf graduate. “The thriller movies always get me excited for Halloween.”

The following rankings are my personal top ten halloween movies or thrillers that’ll help get people in the Halloween spirit.

Number one on my list is Halloween–the one made in 1978. A lot of people don’t realize how much of an impact the main character in this movie, Michael Myers, has had on society. Kids dress up as him, video game modes have been made based on the character, and out of the four main thriller sequels (Scream, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween),¬†Halloween made the most money on box office sales for the original film.

Second on my list goes to Friday the 13th with the main character being Jason Voorhees. There have been 11 Friday the 13th movies made, the most out of the Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises.

Third on my list is Nightmare on Elm Street for the main character, Freddy Krueger. He’s another horror character that has had an impact on society.

Fourth on my list is Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This short animated film is more of a family movie than anything else. Being made in 1966, this movie is still being played today and there are talks that a remake of the original film may occur.

Number five on the list is Jeepers Creepers. “By far my favorite Halloween movie,” said Jimmy Anifowose, Waldorf graduate. “That stuff was based on true events and it’s terrifying.”

Number six on the list is the movie Scream. Another character that has had impact on society. I have probably seen more Scream costumes for Halloween than of any other character.

Number seven on the list is Child’s Play.¬†While this movie was very cheesy (in my opinion), it was still considered a very scary movie in its time.

Number eight on the list is Halloweentown. Not a scary movie at all, but it’s specifically a Halloween movie so it has to be in the top ten.

Number nine on the list is The Conjuring. Being based on supposed true events of paranormal activity definitely lands it in my top ten.

Number ten on the list is Annabelle. Another doll movie, but unlike Chucky from Child’s Play Annabelle is an actual doll that is kept in a glass box. She’s blessed twice every month and is thought to have a demon inside of her.

Those are my personal top ten Halloween movies. Most of them are thrillers, but all are very good movies.