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Top 10 Best Ways to Stay Organized and Efficient this Semester.

Using a white board calendar can help students stay organized in the chaos of college life. Photo by Megan Brandrup

Using a white board calendar can help students stay organized in the chaos of college life. Photo by Megan Brandrup

By Megan Brandrup

College is rough, plain and simple. Being able to balance clubs, sports, homework, classes and somehow managing to maintain a social life may seem like an impossible task. Having it all is not that difficult if you know how to manage your time properly.

10. Get a planner, and actually use it

This is pretty self-explanatory. Every college student is usually given a basic planner by the school to help them stay organized. Write down your assignments and when they are due, so you can always look ahead to see when you need to start working on a specific task.

9. Find your perfect study space

Unless you are staying in your own room, trying to study with a roommate may not always be the best. Find a quiet space, where you can truly focus on what you’re doing. You could even go as far as turning off your cell phone to eliminate further distractions. Imagine that…actually turning off your cell phone.

8. Use one big wall calendar

Having a planner is helpful, but you may only check it a few times a day. Have all of your big projects and events written on a calendar that hangs on your wall. Every time you walk into your room, you will see the calendar and remember what you still need to do.

7. Make “To Do” lists

If you have a lot to do in a limited period of time, it can feel daunting. Don’t lose hope! Take time to write each individual task down that needs to be completed. From there, just tackle the tasks one at a time. Soon enough you will have everything done! Plus, it’s always fun to cross things off of your list.

6. Pack your book bag the night before

This may seem silly, but as someone who hates waking up in the morning, it really helps. Packing the right books and notebooks you will need the next day saves valuable time in the morning that you could be using sleeping longer, or making yourself look extra cute.

5. Lay your clothes out the night before

Again, it may seem dumb, but your mom didn’t tell you to do it for no reason. Laying your clothes out the night before saves you a lot of time having to pick out an outfit that morning. With all that extra time, you can catch up on your favorite Netflix shows. “The Office” and chill, anyone?

4. Use a homework/study reminder app.

Apps are great! They can remind you when you need to study, or when you have an upcoming assignment that is due. A great homework app is called Evernote. This app allows you to enter in your class schedule, take notes on the app, as well as schedule your assignments and study time. You can download the app in both the App Store, and the Google Play Store.

3. Schedule specific blocks of time dedicated to doing homework and studying

Putting your homework off until the last minute, only works for so long. Make time for yourself every day, preferably the same time every day, when you isolate yourself and do your homework.

2. Set goals for yourself, and for the semester

Having an actual goal really helps keep yourself motivated. Set realistic goals for yourself. For example, “This semester, I want to pass every class with at least a B.” Don’t set crazy goals, because you may ultimately disappoint yourself. “This semester, I’m going to go to bed at 9 o’clock every night, and eat nothing but kale.” Let’s be realistic, everyone has, at least, one late night while in college. As for the kale, I prefer Doritos. Enough said.

1. Make time for yourself

School is very important (and expensive,) but that is not all college is about. Making time to study is important, but having friends and spending time with them is really important too. Take time for yourself every day, and do something you like. Maybe it’s taking a nap, hanging out with friends or binge-watching your favorite shows. Doing this kind of stuff for yourself keeps you from going insane, and feeling stuck in the same pattern.

I hope that with these tips, you are able to become the master of your education! Don’t let college keep you from having a social life. Get good grades and make a ton of great memories! Now go conquer the world, you organized genius!


Is there anything you think I missed? Leave a comment below!