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Time for a Reality Check

Ashleigh Stingley - Reality Check

Reality Check program engaging students with its challenges.

Freshmen Seminar. A required core curriculum course to graduate from Waldorf. We all remember the events we had to attend, and this year they decided to change up the event to a game show called Reality Check.

Everyone was placed into teams of two people each. All teams answered questions based on Alcohol Awareness, Drug Awareness, and Weird Alcohol Laws. The teams who won a round came up to a Jeopardy-like buzzer to fight for the coveted spot in the finals and win the big prize. All prizes ranged from $10-50 along with random candy being thrown out to the crowd in between questions.

The game show didn’t just consist of questions. The popular game show Minute to Win It was incorporated to allow more people an opportunity to win money. Four people were randomly called up to answer a question, usually about Math, Geography, or a question that was previously asked. The winner played a physical challenge to win that round. These games included “Stack Attack”, “These Balloons” and “Defying Gravity”.

Anjaih Clemons, Student Activities Coordinator and in charge of the Social Warriors Activities Team (SWAT) who organized the event, said “The requirement for these type of events is to speak about campus issues. With students, it’s important that we don’t go the traditional way because they can’t relate to it, so we have to do it the fun way.”

A freshman who was one of the winners, Marlon Banks, also gave his opinion on the game. “The event was full of information for incoming freshmen,” said Banks. “Overall it was a great way to learn through an easy going setting.”

When asked about the possibility of a similar event making an appearance in coming years, Clemons replied that it is possible and that we don’t have to bring back the same one.

The Reality Check program has been one of the more interesting of the Freshmen Seminar events that Waldorf has seen. Reality Check was unique in its way of keeping every student participating and giving rewards for doing so, and was well-received by the students in attendance.