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The Queen Takeover

Victoria Carra (left) and Tyra Brown (right) on KZOW - Queen Takeover

Victoria Carra (left) and Tyra Brown (right) on KZOW – Queen Takeover

By Victoria Carra

Every Thursday night, KZOW is taken over by the Queens of the music business in Tyra Brown’s radio show.

Brown started her show at the beginning of this year, and it has been a hit since. Tyra plays only the strong women of the music industry, such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and many others. She has had nights of playing just throwbacks, and nights of almost all new music, but no matter what, it is all women.

Students on campus have noticed the hour of new music and think it is a great change of pace for KZOW. Sophomore Danielle Waite likes to study with the new tunes.

“I am always in the library trying to get my study hours done on Thursdays and so I listen to some music,” Waite said. “Tyra’s show is definitely one of my favorites.”

Along with playing music, the show also has a segment of celebrity gossip, where Tyra usually has a guest with her and they discuss the most recent gossip. Brown has talked about Kim and Kanye, Taylor Swift, and many other artists during this segment.

“It’s fun coming up with new content,” Brown said. “I like getting creative for the show. I enjoy sharing my love of Beyoncé and all things girl with the world.” Brown is also a directing for programming on WalTV, which makes planning the show a little difficult sometimes.

Brown also usually plays a trivia game with her listeners, such as ‘finish the song lyrics’, and listing as many Beyoncé songs in 10 seconds. The winners have won prizes like Scoopy Doos gift cards and a Waldorf University shirt.

The Queen Takeover is on KZOW every Thursday at 9pm, and is immediately followed by the TyTori Talk Show, which is co-hosted by Brown and Victoria Carra.