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The man who came to dinner

Student Toney Wise Jr. played Sheridan Whiteside in "The Man Who Came to Dinner."

Student Toney Wise Jr. played Sheridan Whiteside in “The Man Who Came to Dinner.”

By Victoria Carra

The Waldorf Theater Department put on the play, “The man who came to dinner” with opening night being on Wednesday Sept. 21. They closed the curtain on Sunday Sept. 24.

The show took place in a family’s home, after a very famous man, Sheridan Whiteside, (played by Toney Wise Jr.) falls on their front step, and must stay with them until he recovers. While he is on his way to recovery, he makes his hosts’ lives anything but easy. He became a very big hassle for the bunch causing there to be a lot of tension.

With this tension, there was also witty humor to go along with it. From characters making wise cracks to seeing the cast run around stage, the show was full of humor along with everything else. Sophomore Madison Stenerson found the show to be very entertaining. “My favorite character was Banjo. He brought so much energy to the stage; it was hilarious.” Stenerson has gone to the majority of shows and productions done at Waldorf, and plans to continue to show her support for the theater department.

Sam Rosenberg was the assistant stage director for the production and got to see the show come to life as they continued to rehearse. Rosenberg said, “I think the performances went well. The rehearsals up to opening night were a little rocky, but I think the cast did an incredible job in the end.” This is Rosenberg’s second year in the theater department.

The theater department has a lot of other productions going on this school year as well. They have three more big productions coming up: Rent, The 39 Steps and Antigone. Along with working on the main stage productions, they will also being doing something for Halloween, and many other smaller projects.