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The First “Yoga by the Pond” of the Semester

Heather Yeoman instructs yoga every Friday at the pond outside of the Campus Center. Photo by Jarod McKee

By: Jarod McKee

“Yoga by the Pond” is back for another semester, and some students could not be more excited. The first “Yoga by the Pond” took place on Sept. 14, 2018 beside the pond located in the middle of campus. There was also free coffee for those that participated.

Heather Yeoman, a Waldorf professor and certified yoga instructor in Lake Mills and Waldorf, is in charge of these yoga sessions. She said that “often when people think about yoga, they only think about the physical benefits—which is true, there are a lot of physical benefits—but they forget about all the mental benefits as well. Yoga is an amazing stress reliever and can really calm the mind down.” College can be stressful at times. Yoga may be exactly what certain students need to find relief.

Coming into the school year, Professor Yeoman was not sure whether or not there would be “Yoga by the Pond.” “It [the program] started last semester during the spring…this semester I wasn’t sure whether I was going to have time or not, but since so many people came up to me and asked about it, I just had to keep it going.”

A lot of students are excited about this year’s “Yoga by the Pond.” When Saheed, a student at Waldorf and participant in “Yoga by the Pond”, was asked why he attends the event, he simply stated, “Well, it [happens] the last day of the school week and gives me a chance to relax and cool off from the busy week.”