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The Chosen Ones Have Been Named

Female candidate Mia Crall smiles for camera after practice. Photo by Carlos Ruiz.

Female candidate Mia Crail-Yusif smiles for camera after practice. Photo by Carlos Ruiz.

By: Anthony Romualdo

The 2016 Homecoming candidates have been chosen for the candidate review which will take place October 7 in the Atrium the night before the Warrior football team takes on Dickinson State.

Four females and four males were chosen. Those students are: Mia Crail-Yusif, Megan Perkins, Isa Rabel and Kathryn Wilcox for the females and James Campos, Kurtis Aguilar, LaRyan Fletcher and Michael Morgan for the males.

“It’s an honor for me to be a candidate for Waldorf, because it means my peers wanted this for me instead of me wanting it for myself,” said senior football player, James Campos.

The tradition of the homecoming king and queen is meant to select one male and one female student to represent the student body at school homecoming events. These students typically have made a mark or impacted the school in a positive manner in order to be rewarded the honor.

“A good candidate is chosen by the people. All the current candidates are people that were voted for by their ¬†peers, and that just means that they set a good example by being a good person, doing what they are supposed to do and doing the best that they can,” said Campos.

Head football coach Kent Anderson said, “There is a sense of pride when it comes to being a homecoming candidate especially when it is one of your own.”

“There are important parts about a person’s character like humility, confidence and, honesty that a person who is going to represent our school has to have,” said Anderson.

Female candidate Mia Crail said, “I try to be a leader both socially and academically. Being a part of the soccer team has taught me a lot about discipline and how to be a professional individual that people look up to.”

The voting will take place in the Atrium Oct. 7 and students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidate for the 2016 Homecoming Court. The theme this year will be based off of a popular game called Pokemon Go and will be titled Warrior Go.