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Tastes of the World Returns

By: Erisha Menon

One of the biggest annual event is back once again. The World Student Association (WSA) presents- Taste of the World 2018. The event will be held on Friday, April 6, 2018at 6pm. With the event approaching in lickety-speed, the committee of WSA has been organizing and preparing to make this event a great success.

Taste of the World is an event which showcases international students on campus. Students from different parts of the world participate to share culture. They will be having their own station where they will include a dish from their homeland. They will also be sharing information about their traditions, culture and the food that they prepared.

This year, international students from 26 different countries will be partaking in this event. “This shows off the diversity of Waldorf’s campus as well as giving the students a chance to shine,” said Megan McLaughlin, International Coordinator and Advisor of WSA. McLaughlin also said that diversity is important on any university campus. “It is just understanding the ways and that different culture is unique and just celebrating that.”

WSA’s next step is getting ingredients for fellow students to cook. They have been organizing many meetings to discuss about budgeting, ways to get the right ingredients and also performances.

This year, WSA is on another level to promote this event. They have hung posters all around town and even personally invited local TV and radio stations. A few days after sending out invitations, KIMT invited WSA to come on down at the studio to talk about the event.

Asmita KC, the president of WSA said that she is expecting more than 200 people attending Taste of the World. “Every year we get more and more people attending this event and from what I am hearing from the others, this year will be a great turn out.

Madina Tuhbatullina, a freshmen from Turkmenistan is excited for this experience. “I am excited to wear my traditional clothes and getting to eat something from my home country,” she said.

WSA believes that encouraging students to learn about different countries will help rise mindfulness and appreciation of other cultures. “Today, it is difficult for people to experience diverse cultures at the same place. We are glad to create a space for people to know and learn in a diverse setting,” KC said.