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SWAT helps Waldorf students de-stress for finals

Waldorf SWAT gives out free croissants, coffee, and tea to students.

By Joseph Halverson

This past Wednesday (April 27), Waldorf SWAT held free croissants, coffee, and tea in the Atrium. This was just one of the several events SWAT has had this year.

Waldorf students were given the chance to enjoy some free chocolate croissants as well as a selection of beverages. SWAT has held this event in the past, serving relatively the same selections as they did this past week.

SWAT held this event for students to de-stress for the upcoming finals week. Waldorf students are scheduled to hold finals this current week.

Junior, Kinsey Tweedy attended the event and has attended the event in past years.

“This event is one I look forward to every year as finals approach,” Tweedy said. “I have been at past events and I just love SWAT’s croissants. I really appreciate what SWAT does for the students on campus and this event is just one of the several things they do.”

Croissants and coffee in the Atrium were just one of the events SWAT held for students as Tweedy said. SWAT has organized events throughout the semester, giving students activities to participate in.

Just this past month, SWAT has held croissants and coffee, headphone disco, and S.E.A.L. Awards. All these events were free to attend and benefitted the students on Waldorf campus.

Waldorf also gave out prizes at headphone disco and S.E.A.L. Awards. These prizes were given to encourage students to attend SWAT events.

For the S.E.A.L. Awards, participants were voted on by judges. First, second, and third place were given cash prizes for their performances.

For Headphone Disco, SWAT gave out a prize of four tickets and a camp site to Country Thunder, a country music festival held in Forest City. This prize was valued at $1400.

The coffee and croissants were the last event SWAT held for the semester of Spring 2021. SWAT will continue with their barrage of events when students return for Fall of 2021.