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Spring Season Games

By: Ted Langat

Excited as ever, the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams were ready and armed to the teeth awaiting for the opponent teams to set foot on their territory.

Having trained since the beginning of the semester, it was inevitable to be hyped up and excited for the games on April 1, 2017. As soon as the opponents arrived, the women Alumni team, the games proceeded at 1:00 p.m. One could see the vigor the Women’s team had on the field and the aggression they had, showing that they had a high level of confidence. After a couple of minutes of play, a wonderful goal was scored by Chelsea; on the incoming team, after a wonderful game play on the wing and a powerful cross from Cassidy Pino.

“They seem formidable today, don’t they,” gotten form Victor Leao- Men’s soccer team right back.

Time elapsed and half time came. The coach made a couple of changes, to bring in what they call, ‘The Calvary’ in order to extend the lead. As planned, it worked and Debra Nivy scored the second goal, putting the women’s team on a 2-0 lead. Meanwhile, as the Women’s game continued, the Men’s team were getting themselves ready to face the known NIACC team. The opponents arrived and both teams warmed up on the field and no later than the designated time, 3:00 p.m. the game kicked off.

There was a lot pressure in the game as both teams got a hold of the ball possession. 15 minutes into the game, a great run was done by Victor Leao- Brazilian International Student and on the ball, striker Riley, was able to execute a wonderful through ball giving Victor ample on the ball hence putting the ball behind the net. Therefore putting the Waldorf Men’s team on the lead. This put a lot of pressure on the opposing team making the game more interesting and challenging. Unfortunately, they were able to score a goal right before half time. Hence the half time score was 1-1.

Psyched up, The Coaches present made some substitutions and the game went by for another forty five minutes. Ofcourse, the game was tight but fortunately, after a great play and a professional cross from Colin Owusu, Reagan Otieno- Kenya International Student found the net putting Waldorf team on the lead. After a couple of minutes, the referee ended the game, and the boys went and had a snack, preparing for the alumni game.

At 5:00 p.m. the alumni game kicked off, and a lot of familiar faces were present on the field, making the game interesting and enjoyable since each team was showcasing what they developed individually after parting ways. Due to the intense training the Waldorf team already had, it was obvious that they would thrash the alumni team numerous goals, but to utter shock, they were also prepared. Finally, the game was ended at roughly 7 O’clock, and the score was 5-4, in favor of the Waldorf ongoing Men’s team. The day ended in happy faces as the freshmen who arrived on this spring semester got a chance to showcase their talents.

The alumni shook hands with their former teammates and the coaches as well and they parted ways in jocund expressions. Thereby ending the first weekend of Spring Season games.