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Spotlight Athlete for the second time!

Cristian Alvarez was given the award twice

Cristian Alvarez was given the award twice

By: Anthony Romualdo

Cristian Alvarez was awarded Waldorf University’s Spotlight Athlete for the second time. Last fall, Alvarez was awarded the Spotlight Athlete and continues to show this semester why he earned the title.

On, Sunday, September 11, he scored two goals which included the final goal for the Warrior Victory over Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa.

“If I could sum him up in one phrase, he’s a heck of a player!” said friend and teammate Kurtis Aguilar.

Alvarez is a senior midfielder. He was born in Mexico and is from Santa Maria California, which is currently ranked second on Waldorf”s team–holding a 66 percent shot-on-goal percentage.

“I started playing soccer, my dad stated playing soccer when he was small, my brother followed in his foot steps, so obviously I followed in their foot steps, so we are a very competitive family,” said Alvarez.

Waldorf is not the only place Alvarez has found success in soccer. He also had success in high school, where his older brother was an assistant coach.

“My most memorable soccer moment would have to be my senior year in high school, we were in the quarter finals. [There were] two minutes remaining in the game, [and] I scored the winning goal to advance us to the semi finals. My brother was the assistant coach, so right when I scored that, I went to go hug him and celebrate,” said Alvarez.