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Skate with the Warriors

By: Robert Miller

Friday night’s Skate with the Waldorf Warriors Hockey team, huge success after big win!

Every year The Waldorf Warrior Hockey team hosts a “Skate with the Warriors Night,” where the students of Waldorf University and local fans and children of all ages can come out on the ice, to talk with the players, take pictures and learn the basics of skating with the Waldorf Warrior hockey team. This year, like many previous years, Skate with the Warriors was a huge success at the ice rink at Roy Nystrom Arena in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

It was packed with students and fans of all ages, lacing up their rental skates and ready to hit the ice. This event is not only an important event for the fans, but also an important event for the players and coaches as well.

“Skate with the warriors is a wonderful interactive way to for us as a team to give back to the fans that come out and support us every night,” Waldorf Warriors Head Coach Brett Shelanski said.

It seems Coach Shelanski was correct as the Waldorf Warriors were kept busy all night happily signing autographs and taking pictures whether it be with fellow students, young hockey players or young children.

“What’s great about the Skate with the Warriors event is the whole significance of it,” Waldorf Warriors Goalie #33 Dustin Stevens said, “as a team we know that many of these young children and future hockey players look up to us as role models, and think of us as if we were professional hockey players. It’s the little things like skating with them, signing pucks and posters, and giving away some broken sticks that are the simplest of gestures, that will forever be remembered.”

Before skate with the Warriors, Waldorf faced off against Northern Michigan University who Waldorf would go onto beat in a 3-1 win later that night. The Waldorf Warriors came out out the first period with a 1-0 deficit, but would strike back in the second and third period. With the efforts of #27 Jess Engquist’s goal resulting in a 1-1 game in the second to be followed by a goal late in the period from #22 Buddy Napier to give the Warriors a 2-1 lead going into the third. The Warriors with the efforts of  goalie #35 Hunter Marsh would go to hold Northern Michigan in the third period, to score a late empty net goal from the Warriors Forward #14 Ryan Viellet. The Waldorf Warriors would then happily go onto the ice again to celebrate a 3-1 victory with their fans.