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Skate With the Warriors Preview

Skate With the Warriors is Saturday, Feb. 3. Graphic design by Shannon Clark

By: Shannon Clark

Students and coaches are getting excited for this year’s “Skate With the Warriors,” an event designed to get¬†Waldorf hockey fans more involved.

Sophomore Diana Humble enjoys “Skate With the Warriors” events. “I’ve went to two of them in the past,” Humble said.

While skating with the Waldorf Warriors and enjoying the game has its perks, some students attend the event to relax with friends. “My favorite part was getting to hang out with friends,” Humble said.

Although Humble enjoys time with friends, the festivities remind her of a different time. “It brings me back to my childhood from when I used to skate on a lake outside my house,” Humble said.

Assistant Coach Steve Smith finds that the event allows students to get to know him outside the classroom, and he’s impressed by the team’s ability to interact with others.

“The neatest part is seeing all the little kids out there. I’m always impressed with how good our players are when interacting with both the young kids and everyone else,” Smith said.

The experience with friends is one reason to attend the event, but watching the Warriors play is another.

Smith gave insight to the competition. “Saint Thomas is usually pretty good, but they don’t have tons of structure which can make them unpredictable,” Smith said.

Regardless of the competition, Smith has faith in the Warrior team. “We have three practices to get the team ready; we’ll be ready,” Smith said.

Students are staying hopeful leading into the Warrior matchup. “Hopefully they win!” Humble said.

Meanwhile, Smith is hoping to see several fans in the stands. “There aren’t many home games left, so people should come out,” Smith said.

Rumor has it there will be a Snapchat geofilter for the game. Smith was able to confirm the gossip.

“I hear there’s a talented comm student who’s going to prepare a Snapchat filter for the game,” Smith said.

“Skate With the Warriors” will take place on Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Albert Lea City Arena¬†after the hockey game–which begins at 7 pm.