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Skate With The Warriors

The hockey team celebrated their win with President of Waldorf University, Bob Alsop. Photo by Dylan Thomas

By: Dylan Thomas

Following the Warriors hockey game on Saturday night, the crowd was invited down onto the ice for the annual Skate With The Warriors.

As the game was rounding down to the last few minutes, the fans spilled into the lobby to pick out their size skates

. Once the Warriors secured a win against Lindenwood-Belleville, 5-4, the team gathered on the ice to join the crowd. Hallie Erdahl, director of student activities, stated that SWAT planned the event so “students and faculty would come out to support our hockey team.” 

“The event had a really good turnout with lots of students, faculty, and warriors hockey supporters coming out and cheering for the boys and skating with them afterwards,” Erdahl expressed.

For Freshman Brynlee Gibbs, this was her first time experiencing Skate With The Warriors, with her boyfriend, Freshman Jeff Veitch, goalie. “It was a lot of fun. The boys had a good game, so the atmosphere of the event was overall super positive and upbeat. Everyone was just enjoying themselves. I’m happy I was able to experience it with my boyfriend and best friends,” Gibbs remarked.

Attendees of the event were also able to witness a surprise proposal from Senior Travis Park, defender, to his girlfriend, Haley Rubin, of three and a half years. Only a few short minutes after everyone had gathered on the ice, the announcer directed everyone’s attention to the center of the rink, where Park was down on one knee, getting ready to pop the question. “It was so romantic. Everyone’s reaction, especially Rubin’s, was just so surprised, and then all at once you saw the crowd break out in smiles,” Gibbs expressed. After celebrating the proposal, the event lasted another 45 minutes before the crowd and team dispersed.

Erdahl stated there will be at least one more Skate With The Warriors this season.