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Sharese Hall–An Inspiration

Sharese Hall works diligently on her work as the area coordinator for Waldorf University. Photo by Shannon Clark

By: Shannon Clark

In her youth, Sharese Hall, Waldorf University’s area coordinator and coordinator of orientation, was encouraged by her mother to volunteer. Hall’s early responsibilities later sculpted an inspiring, unlimited leader.

The area coordinator grew up in the suburbs of New York. Though she lived in a community-oriented, wealthy neighborhood, Hall faced several struggles.

One of the leader’s most difficult situations stemmed from her father’s absence. When Hall was five-years-old, her father abandoned the family. Later, Hall’s house was foreclosed.

Hall continues to acknowledge the struggle, but she praises the independence of her mother. “She taught me to be a leader, not a follower,” Hall said.

Hall’s responsibilities continued, and her leadership flourished in college. The current area coordinator was once an RA. She also received a bachelor’s degree for broadcast journalism in communications and completed a master’s degree online.

Hall’s responsibilities, leadership roles and independence transferred to her current volunteer-role as leader of the Warrior Women in Leadership Scholarship.

“Sharese possesses many leadership skills:” Warrior Woman in Leadership Emma Hall said, “she’s empowering, inspiring and respectable; yet, she has an amazing amount of humility.”

The leader’s inspiration correlates to previous experiences and her view of the past. “For those in similar situations with their parents, I’d like them to trust that things are meant to work out,” Sharese Hall said.

Sharese Hall’s struggles are not her only inspiration to others. The leader also aspires to own a non-profit organization. The community-service advocate strives to help individuals around the world.

“Sharese will be successful in her goals, because she’s passionate, determined and she pursues all her desires without giving up on anyone—including herself,” Emma Hall said.

Once again, Sharese Hall’s inspiration and responsibility resurfaces to her leadership in Warrior Women in Leadership. “I hope to teach the Warrior Women in Leadership to be their own leaders,” Sharese Hall said, “there’s more than one type of leader, and I want to teach them to apply their leadership to the world.”

Providing young women with the necessary confidence to become their own versions of leaders resonated with the ladies. “I love that Sharese always provides an open space for us to be transparent and vulnerable; she empowers us to be ourselves,” Emma Hall said.

As Sharese Hall continues to volunteer, master responsibility and inspire others, she lives by a strict motto. “I am unlimited,” Sharese Hall said.