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Senioritis: Not fatal

By Ashleigh Stingley

As midterm winds to a close, a powerful and deadly plague makes its way onto Waldorf’s campus. The name of this plague: Senioritis.

Senioritis was first used in 1957. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Senioritis is defined as “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades.” A student of any class can get it, but it’s more common in seniors that are about to graduate.

Senior Jon Overy is one of those not immune to this plague. Since the first few weeks of the semester he felt senioritis set in. However, he said that it hasn’t affected his school work. He just tries to get away with doing less.

Another hard worker, senior Karly Ankarlo, also has experienced senioritus. “I’ve been less motivated in areas I control,” said Ankarlo. She also said second semester has been the worst for senioritis in her. Mainly this has shown up in her directed studies and homework.

Senioritis doesn’t only affect seniors. Kaylin Tlam, while technically a senior, will not be walking until the class of 2016. Despite this she said that she could also feel senioritis set in. For her it’s been setting in since Freshman year. Tlam said, “You realize the futility of life, and you stop caring.”

Don’t despair, senioritis is usually curable. Both Overy and Ankarlo have proof of this. Overy said that by being busy, he has been able to not be totally consumed by the senioritis. Ankarlo said that she self motivates herself and sets time aside to get what she needs done.