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SEAL Awards and Talent Show 2021

The World Student Association (WSA) members who won the “Outstanding Organization of the Year” and “Outstanding Event of the Year” awards at the SEAL Awards. 

By Suyaishar Sebastian

Students Excelling in Activities and Leadership (SEAL) Awards and Talent Show Night was collaboratively organized by Student Senate, Student Activities Warrior Team (SWAT), Jason Ramaker and Rotaract Club which took place on April 21 at the Boman Fine Arts Center.

There were around 90 to 120 attendees from various campus groups including students, faculty and staff members.

Jason Ramaker, Dean of Students, said they had a lot more faculty and staff there this year because of the faculty award that was presented.

“The Dean of Academics, Dr. Vince Beach, was also there and a faculty member was nominated for the ‘Advisor of the Year’ award,” Ramaker said. “There were five to six faculty nominated which was great to see.”

Sophomore Business and Communications major, Murad Hazhibayev, said he had a really good time at the SEAL Awards and Talent Show Night because it was something different compared to other events.

“It was my first time attending the SEAL Awards because we did not have this event during my freshman year,” Hazhibayev said. “I think it is such a great event because it acknowledged all the people who have made a contribution throughout the academic year by giving out certificated and awards to students who have excelled in leadership and activities.”

SEAL Awards first took place in Spring 2007 when Ramaker brought up the idea when he first started working at Waldorf University. When the idea was agreed upon by the student body, Student Senate and SWAT, SEAL Awards kicked off to a successful start and has been organized for 15 years.

“We would get nominations, pretty much the same thing as we do now, we tweaked it a little bit to fit Waldorf a little bit more, changed some of the award names, categories, descriptions and things like that,” Ramaker said regarding the initial stages of organizing the first SEAL Awards in 2007.

“I am so happy that I attended the SEAL Awards this year. I am looking forward to the next one in 2022,” Hazhibayev said.