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Scary things are afoot

APO Haunted House poster

APO Haunted House poster

By: Ashleigh Stingley

A door creeks. Thunder rolls. You could hear the almost quiet but present moans of ghosts echoing in the room. Put all of those ideas together and you know that Halloween is here. When Halloween is around, so is the Alpha Psi Omega Haunted House.

The Haunted House has been a huge part of Waldorf College. Every year the program is designed to scare people by giving a tour through the decorated Smith Theatre and nearby hallways. The money made by the Haunted House is donated to a local food pantry. All aspects of the Haunted House are run by the theatre department with some volunteering students, faculty, and community members.

It is no argument that the Haunted House is an event that everyone loves to participate in. Courtney Smith, a Junior participant of the theatre department, had her first experience helping with the Haunted House last year. Smith said that she enjoyed every aspect from scaring the living daylights out of people, to how thought out and organized the event was. Smith said, “I want this year to be better and even scarier than last year.”

It’s not just upperclassman that are ready for this event. Transfer student Emily Walker is really excited to be a part of her first Haunted House. “I’m excited to see how the theatre department comes together to transform the theatre space into the Haunted House. It’ll be fun to be a part of the scariness of the Haunted House!” Walker said.

APO President Abbie Wells stated that there is a lot to do to make sure that the Haunted House runs smoothly. “You need to come up with an idea, and know that you have the means to carry out said idea. This year, there are so many people that it took a while and thought to place everybody,” said Wells. Wells says that ideally they would like to raise as much as possible, but the goal is to beat how much they raised last year.

The Haunted House will be taking place from October 23-25 from 7-10 p.m.. The theme this year is “Haunted Orphanage.” Cost is only $2.50 or $2 with a canned good. The tour begins in Smith Theatre.