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Saskatchewan to Forest City

Abby Davis’ women’s soccer headshot, courtesy of Waldorf Athletics

By Brandice Lewis

Waldorf University, located in Forest City, Iowa, is a part of the NAIA program (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). Every year the school gets numerous athletic transfers. This year a soccer player by the name Abby Davis, transferred to Waldorf to continue her athletics.

Abby transferred from a small junior college college in Oregon. Next year she will continue to play soccer as a senior, but unfortunately announced she will not be playing a fifth year.

Upon her arrival on the soccer team, she immediately pointed out how welcoming her teammates were. Of course, being new she was nervous and had some concerns, but some of the players transferred themselves, so they made her feel at home.

Not only that, but she said she really enjoyed playing for a new and better skilled team. She liked showing her teammates as well as her coaches what she could do. Overall she just wanted to prove herself, and make the coaches proud to have recruited her.

Aside from the soccer field, Abby claimed to love the campus. Her experiences in the classrooms were different then what she expected. All of her professors have been understanding and have overall helped her along with her major. She also loved the convenience of having all her classes nearby, so she wouldn’t have to be in a hurry. Another thing she enjoyed was going to other sports games, she claimed to love the energy and the support, just like what she saw in the stands at her own home soccer games.

People at Waldorf are friendly and understanding, they all know what it’s like to be new. And at the end of the day, Abby was proud to be a warrior, and proud to have been given the opportunity to attend Waldorf University.