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Roommate horror stories

By Anton Kudej

Lots of people like to complain they have some of the worst roommates imaginable, that it couldn’t get any worse than they currently have it. But what if they were wrong? Here are several stories that show how much worse the roommate situation could be!

  1. Two roommates in Breen Hall were having a fight.  They couldn’t compromise on the temperature of the heat in their room.  One wanted it at 71 degrees, and the other wanted it at 73 degrees.  The RA had to be called in regarding the issue, and he couldn’t believe that this was an issue!  He threw it out there that the heat should be at 72 degrees, and that was unacceptable!  He had to remove himself from the situation due to him not being able to control his laughter!


  1. Two roommates (female) didn’t get along and had built up tension.  One afternoon, one of the girls got so angry that she started throwing stuff out of the room into the hallway. Alcohol bottles, clothing, books were out in the hallway. They were both screaming and wouldn’t stop arguing. RA’s and AC’s broke up the fight.


  1. There was a group of girls living together in a female suite. One of the girls boyfriends would sleep over all the time and threaten the other girls in the room. Boyfriend was banned from school.

–          Anonymous

  1. The first night I spent in J&L with my roommate was interesting to say the least. Well, I shouldn’t say the night, but the morning after. As I went to bed, I said “Alrighty, I’m going to bed.” To which my roommate said “I’m going to unpack for a while, I’ll keep it down.” I fell asleep with one image of the room, with his boxes scattered and unruly, in my mind. When I woke up, the same image caught my gaze. Nothing was touched, nothing unpacked and he wasn’t there. He was in the study room studying “The Bro Code” from How I Met Your Mother. He never slept that night.


Roommates are apart of the college experience. Hopefully they don’y have to be the worst part.