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A small part of France at Waldorf

By Guzel Tuhbatullina

France is a country that probably has been on everyone’s travel bucket list. It is a country of alluring architecture, world-famous cuisine, and one of the world fashion centers.

Having a student from France is a new for Waldorf students. Tcha-tcha di Piazza is an international student from France. She is majoring in wellness and a receiver of International Affinity scholarship. She was born in Paris and lived there all her life. She travels all the time but mostly to Geneva, Switzerland to see her boyfriend and relatives.

Tcha-tcha introduced viewers to her holiday celebrations and breath-taking views of the beaches in France. However, the way she pronounced beaches wasn’t quite correct and when she repeated herself audience could not stop giggling. Tcha-tcha joined them as well.

The presentation went so well that there were a few people thinking about moving to France. Kianna Carter, for example, said “Learning about the French economy and knowing that France cares about its people really stuck out to me. I loved the pictures she showed us and I loved her passion about France and loving her country.”

Tcha-tcha talked about about details and facts that people did not know, and how to get a better view of Paris instead of going to the Eiffel tour and waiting in line for the whole day. Listeners got to know about places that usually travel guides do not talk about.

Those who did not come to see Tcha-tcha’s presentation missed out on delicious french creps. Isa Rabel helped and served the audience.

“I had a great time telling people about my country. I am a proud citizen of France and sharing things that I love about my home with Waldorf was an amazing experience. Especially knowing that I made some people think about not just visiting but moving to France makes me happy.” said Tcha-Tcha.