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Yes or No to PopSockets?

PopSocket being used as a phone stand

By Kaitlyn Bakke

PopSockets are round, extendable circles that connect to the back of phones, allowing users to easily hold their phones and their popularity has swept the nation; however, they might not be for everyone.

Everyone has their own preference about PopSockets. Many people are seen using them these days. Some believe that PopSockets are beneficial and useful, but they are not for everybody. 

There are benefits to having a PopSocket. They can give users an easier grip on their phone, giving them a lesser chance of dropping it. Having it on the back of your phone case gives users an easy grip, or something to hold, lowering the odds of breaking your phone or dropping it. 

Along with an easier grip, the back can be popped out and used as a stand for your phone.

“I think PopSockets are really beneficial if you like to watch videos on your phone because it can stand up for easier watching,” Mckenna Clouse, a freshman at Waldorf University said. “I also think they are nice for when you are holding your phone taking pictures. You can just put your fingers around it for safekeeping.”

“Personally I don’t like PopSockets because I think they look a little tacky and also because my hands are already big enough to secure my iPhone 8+ without it, but maybe a simple one could be convenient,” volleyball player Emily Stolpp said.

They come in all sorts of colors and designs, such as marble, pink, floral, blue, camouflage, and anything else one can think of. Consumers can pick one or even design their own; it is easy to find one that fits their personality or phone case.  

Just know, “PopSockets saved my face,” said David Warren, a football player at Waldorf University.