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Open Mic Night

By Racee Moore

Open Mic Night is hosted by the Warrior Writing Club.

They created the event so students around campus could share their work. Open mic nights are popular in cities and bigger colleges, the club wanted to share a slice of that experience with Waldorf. It started with the writing club presenting their poems and written work, but then theater, music and others began sharing their passions.

There is a diverse mixture of people that come and present. People that are in sports, theatre, music and international students all come together and showcase what they have created or their hidden talents.

There are only a few steps to presenting at open mic night. Show up; sign up on a white board; wait for your name to be called; perform. If that sounds fun, then come to the next one and show us your hidden talents!

“Open mic is becoming bigger and bigger around campus. More and more people keep showing up,” said Myriah Hacker, one of the writing club’s members. Due to bigger turn outs, open mic night is happening more frequently.

Open mic night was a great place to hold a big announcement. Since WinterFest was happening this week, open mic night was the natural place to announce the winners and get everyone pumped about the results. WSA won first, Campus Ministry got second, Bowling got third, and Men’s Golf got forth.