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One Student’s Story

Emily Stolpp, a Waldorf sophomore, poses in front of the Cloudgate in Chicago prior to COVID-19’s spread

By Kaitlyn Bakke

Emily Stolpp, a Waldorf University student, is just one of many students that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Stolpp flew home for spring break on Saturday, March 7, and was home for the week. That was the same week the National State of Emergency began, the NBA canceled its season and schools started to close.

“Midway through the week we already knew from the Waldorf that spring break would be extended a week,” Stolpp said, “but I already had purchased my plane ticket back to Forest City so I stuck with my normal plans.” 

She got back to campus on Sunday, March 15. At this point, the nation’s state was getting worse, but things in Iowa were definitely a lot calmer than in California, where she is from.

Shortly after her return, the NAIA suspended all sports for the rest of the year.

“My sophomore spring season was gone,” Stolpp said.

The next night, the Waldorf decided it was going to be moving online for at least four weeks and possibly for the year. 

“I began to pack up all of my belongings, made arrangements to drop off my extra stuff at friends’ houses, and packed up my car as fast as I could,” Stolpp said.

Wednesday, March 18, she began to drive halfway across the country to California for the second time in a few days. 

“Coronavirus took a lot of things from me that I love,” Stolpp said, “My formal education, sport, access to facilities, friends, both of my jobs, and sent me home for 5 months without getting to say bye to my friends from all over that go to Waldorf. I am enjoying being home, family is the most important thing in the world to me.”

She has spent the time in quarantine with her family since.