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New kids on the block: New RA list

Adam Brinkman is one of the new senior RAs. Photo by Chasen Selsor

Adam Brinkman is one of the new senior RAs. Photo by Chasen Selsor

By Chasin Selsor

The leadership and responsibility it requires to be a Residence Assistant is remarkable. Plenty of students were brave enough to take on this challenge, but only 20 of those students were chosen to fill the positions needed. Each student had to go through two different styles of interviews. The first style was a group interview where everyone who applied came together and were required to perform different activities to demonstrate what leadership characteristics they had. The second interview process was the traditional interview where three of the dorm area coordinators asked certain questions to test the possible RAs to see how they would react to certain scenarios.

For Johnson & London Dorms, the RAs are Danica Cheney, Haley Lawrence, Asmita KC, Claudio da Cruz, Jimmy Blankenship, Zabdiel Flores and Kyle Swiderski. The senior RA for J&L is Kaylie Brindley. For Timberland Apartments, the Senior RA is Megan Perkins.

In Breen Hall, Aaron Ward and Karissa Vetsch will be RAs, and the senior RA will be Isa Rabel.

“I feel that the opportunity of becoming a Residence Assistant will allow me to demonstrate my leadership skills and my ability to work as a team with others,” said Aaron Ward. “I want to be as helpful as possible to the people on my floor so that they are able to have a fun time and to grow and learn as they spend their time at Waldorf University.”

In Tanner Hall, Madison Stenersen and Rakaila Pauley were hired for the RA position and Adam Brinkman for senior RA.

“I’m excited to work with the new RAs and build great relationships with each other,” said Adam Brinkman. “I’m also excited to help the students living on campus enjoy their year and time at Waldorf University.”

Ormseth, Ramusson and Waldorf Theme Houses will now have Michael Morgan, Isabelle Rothbauer, Chasen Selsor and Kelli Wallace as RAs. The senior RA is going to be Caleb Gilbertson.

These students have made a huge decision to make their life more challenging and take on the great responsibilities it takes to be a Residence Assistant of a dorm.