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Morph suit mystery

Morph Suit Man crawling like Spider Man. Photo by Molly Maschka

Morph Suit Man crawling like Spider Man. Photo by Molly Maschka

By Molly Maschka

Ever feel like someone is watching you when you’re walking back to your dorm room in the evening?

Well in truth, there is someone on campus that is spooking Waldorf students. Recently there has been a person, supposedly a high school student, dressing up in a morph suit walking around Waldorf at night, usually between 8 p.m.-10 p.m.

“I was just walking down the sidewalk, not really paying attention,” said senior Kim Burbridge. “Then all of a sudden, he came out of nowhere, and asked me for a high five. I wasn’t even spooked by him.” Burbridge described the morph suit student as 5’5″ and very muscular.

Rumors are stating he is walking around the campus just to be goofy and asking students for either a high five or a hug. Yet some Waldorf students are concerned about him being around campus, especially at night.

“He is being just plain stupid,” said senior Shanti Persaud. “People have to get from one place to another, and there are people here at Waldorf who have high anxiety. If he gets to someone with anxiety, their panic attacks are going to go through the roof.”

“It is just insane, I don’t understand how a person has time to scare college students,” said Taylor Loudermilk, a freshman at Waldorf. “Sometime, if he keeps it up, it’s going to get worse.”

Although Burbridge feels differently. “Yea, it’s too early to be stupid,” said Burbridge. “But I am tough, and I feel no harm walking back to my dorm by myself.”

Even though this morph suit student seems harmless, RA’s and faculty are telling Waldorf students to walk home with a buddy just to be on the safe side. With the terror stories that have been in the media recently, be sure to keep eyes and ears open. If you can’t find a buddy or don’t feel safe walking home, you can always call Waldorf Security at (641) 585-8500.