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Farima shows Waldorf a taste of home

By Guzel Tuhbatallina

Ana Farima, one of the international students at Waldorf, gave a presentation on Moldova on Oct 13th.
Ana lived most of her life in Italy, but was born in Moldova and travels there quite often. So, technically she has two homes. She loves and misses them both.

Ana gave an informative presentation about her country. Some audience member had never heard of Moldova. Moldova is an eastern European country and a former Soviet Union republic. The main language in Moldova is Romanian, the dialect of the Romanian language to be exact. Moldovian people can also speak Russian because of the historical connection to the Soviet Union. Moldova is mostly famous for its big vine industry.

“While I was doing the research for my presentation I discovered a lot of new things about my country. I saw it from a different perspective,” Farima said.

Waldorf has many international students and including students from post-soviet union republics and Slavic countries, such as Turkmen students, Gulnaza Saburhojayeva, Madina Tuhbatullina and Jennet Hojanazarova, and a Polish student Stanislav Zavyeya.

The audience enjoyed the part about Moldovian food. A dish in Moldova could have a different name in a different country but was cooked the same way.

“I miss the markets or how we call it “Bazar”. But mostly I miss the food that was made from fresh vegies gathered from my grandma’s yard and fresh meat. She has a little chicken and pig farm. Every time she would cook some dishes with chicken or pork it was like having Thanksgiving every day,” Farima said.