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Mission Trip: A Learning Journey

Mission Trip group, taking a group picture with their self made Dream Catcher. Photo by Anuja KC

By Anuja KC

Spring Mission trip 2018, organized by Waldorf University campus ministry was a success. A total of 18 students and 6 faculty members went to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

A week’s long trip had a lot to offer to these group of people. “It was an extraordinary experience for me. Different things that we got to learn in just a week was incredible. It is hard to control your emotion after learning the history of Oglala native Indian people,” said Sharese Hall, member of Student Life.

“More than doing service work, we learned a lot of things. This experience taught me the main purpose of mission trips,” she added.

Before going on a trip, students worked hard in a fundraising event and organizing it. Total of $2700 was raised by two bake sales and Krispy Kreme sales done throughout campus and the community. With fundraising events, the group already had a strong bonding among themselves that made the trip more interesting for them.

“Learning about people who were and are still struggling in their lives was emotional. It was mesmerizing to see how all of them were so positive and were vulnerable to share their stories with unknown visitors like us,” said Asmita KC, Junior at Waldorf.

“I loved how creative and talented native people were with their art and Quillwork and how they use that as there source of income,” KC added.

Sharese Hall later added that she learned and visited many holy places inside the reservation.

“Keeping all the emotion aside, it was a beautiful journey. Visiting places like Wind Caves, Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore and Wounded Knee, I had a great time. Getting to clean the church and picking up garbage around public places gave me peace and hope.”

“My mission of giving people chance to learn and experience about something so powerful is accomplished. I was able to learn a lot about myself and my beliefs and I hope it did the same for others,” said Antione Cummins, Campus Ministry Coordinator.

“The passion and determination of the group made this mission trip successful,” added Cummins.