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Men’s choir returns to Waldorf

By Eno Lomo-Mainoo

The fine arts department at Waldorf College has undergone many developments over the past months. The latest development is the establishment of a men’s choir by Waldorf College Director of Choral Activities, Brett Robison. The choir will sing at Christmas with Waldorf concerts and is open to all faculty, staff, community members and students.

Robison has always enjoyed men’s choirs because of the special dynamic of men singing and the bonding that usually happens in that kind of ensemble.

“There are so many great pieces of music written especially for Men’s choirs.” Robison said. “This type of choir can also be a great recruitment tool.”

“I think we will have about 20 singers by our Christmas concert,” Robison said.

Robison expects members of the choir to show up to rehearsals, sing to the best of their ability, and have fun.

Chris Saavedra, a junior from Los Angeles, California, joined the men’s choir before it disbanded in his first year. He expects the choir to be a tradition at Waldorf College.

“I am hoping to see at least 25 people join the choir.” Saavedra said. He also said he would like to see the choir go out for competitions.

“I wanted to try something new,” Myron Rolins, a Freshman from Miami, Florida, said. Rolins, a bass singer, expects more people to join the choir and learn more interesting music.

A freshman from Bondurant, Iowa, Zach Brown, said he likes being a part of music groups. He is currently a member of the Waldorf band and choir, as well as a member of a jazz band.

“I expect to make more friends, and learn how to be a better musician,” Brown said.

In a couple of  years, Robison wouldn’t mind a choir that is more suited for beginners with less rehearsal time than the Waldorf Choir and Schola Cantorum.  This choir would be a sort of junior varsity choir that feeds into the varsity choirs.