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Matt Willemsen Gallery Closing

By: Leland March

The Waldorf University gallery is always changing and after this Friday it will be changing again with some new art. The art that has been in the gallery for the last couple of months was created by Matt Willemsen.  Willemsen uses lots of geometrical shapes to create his art and bold definite colors that grabs the attention of its viewers.

Willemsen’s art has gotten some mixed reviews from students. The the sign in and sign out sheet of the art gallery displayed that some students decided to leave comments. Some students were intrigued by the art; they left comments like: beautiful, great colors schemes, nice art and deserves more recognition. On the other side of the sign in sheet were the students who didn’t take as much of a liking to Willemsen’s art. Students left comment that said: boring, what is this and some wrote things that were so harsh they were erased but still legible enough to read.

Kahlil Grice, a student here at Waldorf University, said, “To be honest I like the art; they all are different in their own way, and that’s something I respect.” Grice also plays on the Waldorf football team, and said he comes into the art gallery to view the different collections of art often.

Although there was mixed reviews, this what is what makes art so unique. It gives people a chance to give their honest opinion on something and also allows artists to showcase their talents and expressions. Willemsen’s art will be taken out of the gallery this Friday on February 24, 2017. It seems as though some students will be happy to see it gone while others may have appreciated the time, dedication and work put into these creations by Matt Willemsen.