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Lutheran Scholarships

By: Tina Somchit

The Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation is offering scholarships available for Lutheran students. Nancy Olson, the Director of Institutional Relations of Waldorf University, announced it on Jan. 31.

“There are six scholarships available, and they will be given during this year’s Honors Day,” Olson said. The Honors Day is when a number of recognizable Waldorf students receive generous scholarships that come from alumni, faculty/staff and friends of the university. This year’s Honors Day will be held on April 5.

“The scholarship committee, which consists of Waldorf faculty/staff, will hold a meeting to decide which students deserve the scholarships during March 13-20,” Olson said. These scholarships will be approximately $200 to $1645.

In 2015, Eno Lomo-Mainoo, a junior from Ghana, received the Irving and Marian (Wold) Njus Family scholarship, which is a scholarship based on Christian character and an interest in a vocation that has a primary focus of service to others. “I am happy I received the scholarship. I hope I would be able to do more for society and give back to those that offer me opportunities to pursue my dream in college,” Lomo-Mainoo said.

Olson also explained why she had to make an announcement to the whole campus for this scholarship. Normally, students will be selected secretly for the Honors Day. They will not be able to know what scholarships they receive until that day. However, finding a Lutheran student becomes difficult because there is no proven material to identify if a student is Lutheran.

Lutheranism is a branch of Protestant Christianity that has a root from a German friar, Martin Luther. Lutheranism plays a big part in Forest City’s society. Waldorf University was also once a Lutheran college. The Immanuel Lutheran Church is one of the famous Lutheran churches in the Forest City area.