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Lighting in remembrance

Waldorf students and faculty honoring the fallen of 9:11 with lanterns .

Waldorf students and faculty honoring the fallen of 9:11 with lanterns .

By Molly Maschka

On September 11, 2001, America was changed forever when an al-Qaeda extremist group hijacked U.S. airlines, crashing two planes into the Twin Towers in New York and a third plane into the Pentagon. Over 3,000 people were killed, prompting an all out war with the Taliban.

Now, 14 years later, Waldorf students still remember that tragic day. Students and faculty gathered on the anniversary of the attacks in Gatsby’s, decorating lanterns in honor of the fallen. A SWAT event, senior and SWAT president, Shaye Sutherland thought would be good for everyone.

“We needed to plan an event and since 9/11 was coming up; SWAT thought it would be a good idea to honor those who had died in the Twin Towers,” said Sutherland.

“I thought it was a nice way to remember that day, even though we were so young,” freshman, Samantha Rosenberg said. “It is still hard after many years.”

Around 30-40 lanterns were decorated by Waldorf students and faculty. While many were decorated with flowers or quotes, many lanterns were decorated with the words “#NeverForget.” A statement that reminds many people of where they were when America was attacked.

“I was in second grade, coming back from lunch. The TVs were on to the news,” said Sutherland. “Teachers were shaken up. Instead of telling us what had happened, they wanted our parents to tell us the truth.”

“I was in daycare watching Dora,” said Rosenberg.”Then breaking news came on. It was scary.”

Throughout the event, students decorated their lanterns in silence, others singing the famous Disney songs “Let It Go” and “I See the Light.” A couple of tunes signifying we are still in this fight with terrorism today.

“You know, we are still at war, but we cannot forget those whose lives were lost,“ said Sutherland.