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Knockerball soccer arrives at Waldorf

Waldorf Students getting ready for Knockerball. Photo by Andrew Larsen

Waldorf Students getting ready for Knockerball. Photo by Andrew Larsen

By Andrew Larsen

This year Waldorf College introduced the internet sensation sport, knockerball soccer, as a part of the intramural sports choices.

Knockerball soccer is the combination of soccer and being trapped in individual plastic bubbles. It has poven to be a hilarious and fun combination. This five versus five sport has a couple basic rules: out of bounds and unnecessary roughness. The objective is to score on the opponents goal with a soccer ball while simultaneously trying to avoid the other players on the field who are trying to knock each other away from the ball and onto the ground.

Most sports have a risk of injury like broken bones and concussions. However dangerous knockerball soccer may seem, with people being hit at top running speeds, but it is actually fairly safe. “You are protected in a giant bubble, with basically only your knees on down being exposed,” said Brett Geelan, director of intramural sports. 

After seeing the sport online Geelan was hooked on the idea of bringing the sport to Waldorf. “I tracked down the company and then called them to obtain more information immediately,” Geelan said.

Although the sport has been a huge hit online not many students on campus knew the sport was available with only seven active teams signed up for this season. “I was hoping for a few more, but that isn’t a bad number,” said Geelan.

The first games were played on Sept. 10 and they were a huge success. “We had a great time running into each other and knocking each other down. It was all in the spirit of knockerball soccer,” said junior, Mikaela Vega.

Even though there was a low turn out this year Geelan is optimistic next year the sport will be a bigger success. “I am sure with people seeing how fun it is this year, next year’s numbers will grow,” Geelan said.

Future games will be played on Monday’s from 8:30-10 p.m. at Bolstorff Field.