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Knit Witts

By Austin Siegal

Red baby hats for American Heart Association

Knitting is not just for old folks anymore! Waldorf has the Knit Witt club to satisfy your knitting needs. The club has been headed by waldorf librarian Elizabeth DeYoung. Ms. DeYoung was leading this cub since August 2017. The Knit Witt club meetings usually consist of a very laid back format and members are welcome to knit or crochet whatever they choose. During the gatherings members sit in a circle and chat, relax and enjoy their one hour of stress relieving knitting and crocheting.

“ I always welcome newcomers to the club as knitting is an excellent stress relief tool,” Ms. DeYoung said.

A unique aspect of this club is that their meetings are very informal and a nice break throughout the hectic life of a college student. In the club they teach two different types of knitting. Crocheting is the type where one small utensil with a hook on the end that pulls the fabric and tends to  make it a little thicker. The other type is concidered classic or normal knitting which is a little more difficult because it consists of two utensils and can be kind of tricky without a good finger dexterity.

Typically, the club has around five to ten members who are definitely interested in having beginners come and join. Some typical items a member would make usually depend on their level of skills when it comes to knitting and crocheting. A beginning knitter or crocheter would start off with making a simple scarf . The more advanced one moves onto more difficult tasks such as hats or socks.

Recently, in honor of the American Heart Association the club got together and knitted little red hats for babies. It turned out extremely successful as the group was able to make significant number of hats to the association.

The group meets on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 and newcomers are always welcome.