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King of the Taco

Students participate in Ay Jalisco's taco competition - Photo by Anthony Romualdo

Students participate in Ay Jalisco’s taco competition – Photo by Anthony Romualdo

By: Anthony Romualdo

Waldorf students squared off in a taco eating competition last Wednesday at Ay Jalisco, hosted by Waldorf”s radio station, KZOW.

On Sept.28 KZOW organized another event for the student body by marketing with Ay Jalisco, a local sponsor of the radio station. The event was created to not only get students involved with campus activities but to also have fun and enjoy some Mexican food and drinks. Each student who attended received discounts on their food and also got the opportunity to watch other students participate in a taco eating contest. Marketing director, Mikayla Fisher, was one of the students who organized this event.

“The event was organized to help get our students out in the community to KZOW and WalTV’s sponsors. It’s a fun way to promote them and ourselves at the same time,” said Fisher.

KZOW has a lot more events like this one planned for the semester, but with events comes a lot of planning.

“We have a set checklist that follows our events we plan. The big key is promotion of the event. I put it out on social media, and marketing creates posters for around campus. It really helps get people get informed and excited for the event,” said Fisher.

Fisher said the event turned out really well, and the students seemed to really enjoy it.

Student and winner of the taco eating competition, Claudio Cruz, thinks more people should participate.

“I heard about the event from a friend, and I read one of the posters at school. The thing I enjoyed the most about the event is eating and getting prizes for it–by far! I think more people should have attempted it, so they could meet more people out of that university environment that we are always surrounded by,” said Cruz.

KZOW will be broadcasting Waldorf University’s homecoming parade Saturday Oct. 8 at 9 a.m. in front of The United Methodist Church parking lot.