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iOS 10 Update Review


The iOS 10 update has mixed reviews – Photo by Chasen Selsor

By Chasen Selsor

With the new-fangled iPhone iOS 10 update, there are many new features to be excited about, but some features are not what they are made up to be.

There is a huge difference between the old iOS version on iPhones and the new iOS 10 update. With the new update, there are new imessage features that allow users to send drawings or messages in their own handwriting. “Messaging is a lot more convenient,” Waldorf cheerleader Kiya Meinecke said, “but the word predictions in texting are always off because of the new update.”

Another new feature is the quick responses, which are bubbles that appear over a recent message and allow the user to click on a thumbs up or a thumbs down along with a few other options. Stickers and all new emojis are also a new addition and the gun emoji was converted to a water gun instead of an actual gun. A great number of Waldorf students loved the new emojis.

One other change made is the way notifications pop up on the screen of the phone. According to, the update works more with a newer feature called 3D Touch, which is a revolutionary change in the way a person navigates apps by tapping, swiping and pinching on iPhones.

The photo app in the iPhone has also been changed significantly with how the photographs can be viewed and how they can be arranged and organized. “I preferred how the app was before this latest update,” Communications Professor Carlos Ruiz said, “I almost have to work to view the photos.” Many new album choices are also available. “Some of the albums are cool, such as the people album,” Ruiz said.

Along with all of these new features, the iPhones’ control center had also been tampered with. Instead of having everything on just one page, there are now two pages. One page allows the user to access phone brightness, camera, calculator and etc., while the other page allows control over the music.

Some negative sides of the iOS 10 update are concerning some iPhone users and making them question whether or not they should download the new update. With the new update, according to, abnormal battery drain occurs along with a variety of Wi-Fi issues. Then for those iPhone users who like to jailbreak (which is a legal way to expand the limits inside the iPhone software), their phones cannot because there has not been a new jailbreak tool that works with the new update. There are also no details that have been released yet about this jailbreak tool.

The new update takes adapting and getting used to the way all the new features work. More than half of the 25 interviewed students and teachers of Waldorf University enjoyed the new update and encourage iPhone users to get the update and experience it for themselves.