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Inspired Hacks with Shannon Clark!

Shannon's radio show, "Inspired Hacks," airs every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Photo by Mitchell Keeran

Shannon Clark’s radio show, “Inspired Hacks” airs every Tuesday night at 7pm. Photo by Mitchell Keeran

By: Mitchell Keeran

College may be a place where one can use a dose of inspiration and maybe some life hacks, as well. At KZOW 91.9 FM, an individual may find the source.

Shannon Clark, a sophomore here at Waldorf University, is the host of “Inspired Hacks,” a radio show on KZOW 91.9 FM that airs every Tuesday night from 7-8 p.m. On her show, she inspires listeners with quotes and words of wisdom, as well as provides alternative solutions to life problems individuals may have. She may even have a special guest to join her on air.

“I really like to inspire people to be better versions of themselves. So I decided to use inspirational quotes to inspire people and use hacks to help make lives easier,” said Clark. Clark also knows how busy college students are first hand, as she’s very involved here on campus.

Clark is here at Waldorf under the Chantell Cooley Scholarship for Women, as well as co-editor at the Waldorf Lobbyist and Music Director for the school’s radio station, KZOW. “I can get a little stressed out, but at the same time I like staying busy–learning all that I can, and I think I’m handling that decently,” said Clark. Clark has applied herself to many responsibilities in leadership roles at Waldorf University, but to her, she’s taking it all in stride to better herself for her career.

One key advisor that has noticed Clark’s growth here at Waldorf is Communications Digital Media Professor, Mark Newcom. “Shannon is focused, driven and delivers the energy to go with her career,” said Newcom. Professor Newcom enjoys listening to all of his students shows, but he praised Clark’s pace, inflection and energy. “The last show I listened to involved a segment, ‘Eat it or Wear it,’ and this was fun and very exciting to listen to. [Additionally, it contained] interaction with [the] audience.”

Clark understands the hectic lifestyle of a college student. Students looking for alternative and positive solutions can tune in to “Inspired Hacks” at KZOW 91.9, active radio.