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Senior thesis offers original message of hope through miming


Photo courtesy Photopin

By Megan Brandrup

Shaye Sutherland, a senior at Waldorf University, is using her senior thesis project to spread the message of God and share her faith with others.

Every year, seniors who are nearing graduation and are enrolled in honors college have the option of doing a senior thesis project. One of the biggest projects being put together this year is called “Hope Mime 2016.”

This production combines popular music, acting and the message of God using passages from the Bible.

“‘The Hope Mime’ is a mime that tells stories of the New and Old Testament, starting with the creation story and ending with Jesus’ resurrection. Intertwined with these stories is also a story of humanity’s relationship with Christ,” said Sutherland.

When asked why she decided to do this project for her thesis, Sutherland said: “I decided to do the ‘Hope Mime’ as my senior thesis project because when I was a freshman at Waldorf, I participated in a mime led by a senior at the time. It was one of my  favorite memories of my first year at Waldorf and I thought why not bring it back for others to experience!”

She also expressed her hopes for this show in the future,”My hope is that next year someone else will take on the task—to keep the tradition going.”

Sutherland wants to use her project to spread the word of God to others.

“My hope is that this event has a lasting impact on the hearts of everyone that comes to see this event,” said Sutherland. “All the cast members are lights for Christ. My hope is that their light will shine onto the audience, whether they already know Jesus or are wanting to find out, and that they will leave the Atrium wanting Jesus and his amazing love.”

“I chose to be a part of ‘Hope Mime’ because I have and still do struggle with my faith, “says junior cast member Katie Wilcox, “and I hope that along my journey I will also find others in my same position to continue my journey with.”

Wilcox has high hopes for the production and the message they wish to share.

“Although I struggle with my faith, being surrounded by my peers throughout these past few months has helped me grow in my faith and I hope the audience can see and feel the connection everyone on stage has with God because he has done wonders for this amazing group of people,” Sutherland said.

The “Hope Mime” will be performed on March 30, 31 at 7:30 p.m., in the atrium at Waldorf University. The event is free and open to the public.

Sutherland is very excited for this production to finally be happening.

“Not only am I getting an education,” says Sutherland, “but I am growing in my faith alongside some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I couldn’t imagine ending my senior year any other way.”