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Hollywood Meets Waldorf

Tyler O’Hara catches the ball for the kick for Slater Gifford on September 22, 2018, at Bolstorff Field. (Photo by Mike Stetson)

By: Zach Throne

Not many people can say that their dad works in the NFL and in Hollywood, but Tyler O’Hara can.

The Waldorf football player grew up seeing his dad playing football in the Arena League, coaching in the Arena League and NFL, and acting on the big screen. Tyler’s dad, Pat, currently works for the Tennessee Titans as their quarterback coach. Many football minds consider this position to be a stepping stone into offensive coordinator, which then could lead to a head coaching position.

Pat started his football career at the University of Southern California where he did not see the field, primarily because of a knee injury. However, he still managed to get drafted through throwing to teammates for their pro day. He caught the attention of scouts, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him in the 10th round of the NFL Draft. His career did not last long, but he eventually found himself playing in the Arena Football League. This led to him meeting Tyler’s mom, Billie, who was a cheerleader for the Orlando Predators–the team that Pat played for. As a result of playing and meeting his mom in Orlando, Tyler lives there today.

After Pat’s playing days, he got a coaching job in the Arena League. This jump started his coaching career, working his way up to the position he holds now. At his job in Tennessee he works with one of the NFL’s top young, up-and-coming quarterbacks–Marcus Mariota.

Alongside coaching, Pat has played a part in many football movies. He was the football coordinator in “The Longest Yard” and “The Game Plan,” but played actual roles in “Any Given Sunday” and “The Waterboy.” He was also Joe Namath’s stunt double in “The Wedding Ringer.”

Although Pat does not have much free time, especially during the NFL season, Tyler still feels that they have a close, strong relationship.

“I love my dad, and I talk to him everyday,” said Tyler, “I think since we played the same position and both grew up playing football it made our bond strong.”

Since arriving on campus two months ago, Tyler’s been asked countless questions about his dad, but it doesn’t bother him. “I think it’s cool when they ask me about my dad. I look up to him, so I enjoy talking about him,” said Tyler.

His teammates are in awe of Pat’s endeavors and impact, including fellow Waldorf quarterback Logan Jahnke. “It was pretty easy to tell that Tyler grew up around football,” said Jahnke, “His football IQ is insanely high for a freshman; his dad has made his impact on Tyler.”

Tyler currently holds the third-string quarterback duties and has seen some action, particularly against Mayville State where he threw his first collegiate touchdown. “My dad told me that I’ve officially surpassed him as a college player since I’ve thrown more touchdowns than him,” said Tyler.

He hopes to keep making his way up the depth chart as he continues to work hard during the Warriors season. In the meantime, Tyler also earned himself an extra role on the new TV show “All-American” that premieres October 10 on the CW.

Tyler wishes his best to his dad and the Tennessee Titans for the rest of their season as Waldorf also tries to finish their year strong. Their next game is at Valley City State on Saturday, Oct. 13.