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Holiday traditions vary at Waldorf

Not everybody celebrates the holidays the same. Photo courtesy of Photopin

Not everybody celebrates the holidays the same. Photo courtesy of Photopin

By Tyra Brown

For many, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the greatest times of the year. The holiday season is a time known for showing thanks and enjoying time with family and friends. The Holiday season is a time when many families will participate in long standing traditions or possibly create new ones to be handed down from generation to generation. At Waldorf there are many different backgrounds represented and each of those backgrounds come with their own traditions.

Sophomore Celeste Hernandez from El Paso, Texas said her traditions are American with a Mexican twist.

“On Thanksgiving we put our names in a bowl and draw who is going to be our secret Santa for Christmas,” said Hernandez. When Christmas rolls around Hernandez’s family cook up a big Mexican style meal including tamales, Mexican sweet bread, three different kinds of salsa’s and much more.

Graduate student Douglas Woolfolk from Chicago, Illinois has a unique family tradition for thanksgiving. “On Thanksgiving day my family and I have a turkey bowl,” Woolfolk said. A turkey bowl is when you go outside and have a football tournament.

Junior Brinna Rollefson, a native of Forest City, Iowa, gets a little crafty during the holiday season. ” I like to decorate the tree in garland, lights, and select ornaments to make it look different from others,” Rollefson said. A Christmas tradition in the Rollefson household is on Christmas Eve they all receive a gift of pajamas to wear for Christmas day.

As this holiday season rolls around don’t forget to give thanks to the important people in you’re life, make lasting memories, and enjoy every moment. Feel free to leave a comment below about your holiday traditions.