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Hockey Heads to Success!

By: Nicholas Ray

Hockey is heading in the right direction as they approach their upcoming tournament for the National College Hockey League (NCHL).

This season has been in favor of the Warriors as they sit in second place, with an overall record of twenty-one wins and seven loses. With only three games left of the regular season, they have tough teams to play; however, team captain Artem Savelyev believes they have all the right tools to take the tournament title as they will be playing February 17th-19th.

Not only do the Warriors have all the elements to succeed, but their camaraderie and chemistry both on and off the ice is idolizing. This brotherhood that the hockey team has going for them is a bond that brings trust and a connection that allows them to be comfortable playing together. Each player at this point in the season knows their role on the team, and they all seem pretty happy with it for the most part.

Of course every team has their mishaps, but junior forward Jeremy Navarro said, “Even with these issues and conflicts we have, anything that happens on the ice stays on the ice.” No problems between players will carry out of the rink and into their personal lives. This unit, team, handles business and grows stronger. At the end of the day we are a team and we all have each other’s back,” said Navarro.

With all the guys having one goal in mind, aiming for the win in the next game, being on the same page creates an energy that one might call the Warrior fight. The three losses that the Warriors have in conference all seemed to lack this fight. Artem Savelyev gave the insight of what happens in the locker room after these flat outings.

As the main captain, “I am not the verbal kind of leader, but I will say a few words sometimes if I feel it’s necessary,” said Savelyev. The humble captain gives credit to Reed Loucks, Spencer Johnson, and Jeffery Bartel, along with other members of the team, for speaking out. Savelyev said, “[I appreciate them] making sure the team gets the right motivation we need heading back out on the ice.”

Overall, the Warriors again are sitting in great position to take home the NCHL tournament championship title. This group of guys loves to have fun playing hockey and definitely enjoys making memories in their college athletic careers. As they move forward, both in the season and in finishing another year of Waldorf hockey, what is in store for these guys is the recognition they deserve. Next year Waldorf is establishing their hockey program and finally becoming National Athletic Intercollegiate Association (NAIA) approved. This four year club sport will now be recognized by the NAIA. Waldorf is moving in the right direction as hockey continues to be successful.