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New leadership & new ideas from Gender and Sexuality Alliance

By Ying Tzarm

Prof. Heather Yeoman, an adviser of GSA, introduces the club and its purpose.

LGBTQ students, safe places, group discussions, drag shows and many other concepts were thrown around as the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) started their first meeting to elect a new leader.

Unlike other clubs at Waldorf University, GSA decided to have two students co-lead the club at the semester’s first meeting on Saturday, Sept. 14.

Taking the even voting result alternatively, the two candidates, Sienna Layne, a senior in music education, and Kaylee Schuermann, a sophomore in communications, proposed and agreed to co-lead the club this school year.

Sienna Layne, previously the club’s sole president, wants to organize a drag show to raise awareness and entertain the students at Waldorf University.

Layne said, “I think it is fun idea. Being who you are and where you want to be should be enough to bring some people in.”

“It is a celebration of who you are.”

Kaylee Schuermann, as a new member of the club and co-leader, said she is open to different ideas from her partner. She is eager to organize a safe, judgement-free zone on campus for people to relax and calm down.

“There are a lot of people around the world, even at Waldorf, who are not comfortable enough to be open about their sexuality and who they truly are,” Schuermann said.

The two leaders are also hoping to raise awareness about the club itself (particularly among the freshmen) and organize events and group discussions around LGBTQ issues.

Heather Yeoman, an advisor of the club said, “[the club aims] to create a safe space, educate on LGBTQ issues and build tolerance and understanding toward all humans.”

“Everyone is welcomed no matter what their gender and expressing sexual identity is,” she said. “GSA welcomes straight allies. They have an important voice in the issue of LGBTQ equality.”

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), previously known as Gay/Straight Alliance, has been on campus for over ten years. It was established to bring together gay, straight, transgendered and ally students to help with the understanding of gender equality on campus and in the community.