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Gretchen Burnette: a Waldorf Artist

Gretchen Burnette grins for the camera

By Ying Tzarm

Gretchen Burnette is a Waldorf University art student with more than one passion that drives her life.

Through her journey of undergraduate study at Waldorf, she has created her artworks in various forms including photography, drawing, painting and writing.

“I have a lot of things I love that spread me in all kinds of directions,” Burnette said.

Without COVID-19, the Waldorf community would be able to enjoy her artworks that were supposed to show as part of her class assignment at the Waldorf Art Gallery during the second half of Spring Semester of 2020. However, adapting to the situation and taking advantage of technology, she transitioned her art exhibition to a virtual show.

“I was heartbroken about not showing in the gallery,” said Burnette. “This was my big semester to show what I’ve done during my time at Waldorf.”

Burnette, from Spirit Lake, Iowa, is now a senior majoring in English with minor in art.

She grew up with the love of reading that brought her to major in English. Her favorite genre of reading is British Literature. Her minor, art, is her growing passion as she added, “I’m finding my vocation in those things.”

She finds herself falling in love with many types of art, but a couple have stolen her attention.

“Photography is great if I’m looking to get out and experience something while I’m working, but if I want to sit and work on creating something with my own hands I’ll use charcoal.”

Besides her engagement in schoolwork, Burnette is also one of the active students at Waldorf. She was involved in campus ministry and with her passion for art, she helped set up an art club at Waldorf.

Moving forward, Burnette is now looking into doing a master’s degree in art therapy. For her career, she is planning to work in the field of marketing and/or editing.

Her artworks could be view at her virtual portfolio.