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Freshman Yeakel Earns NSAA Defender of the Week

MaCoy Yeakel celebrates with the team after a Devin Quinn tackle-for-loss on September 22 at Bolstorff Field. Photo by Mike Stetson

By: Zach Throne

Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games, and this is exactly what freshman MaCoy Yeakel accomplished this weekend.

Yeakel had an impressive game against 16th-ranked Dickinson State in the 23-22 upset. As a matter of fact, he had such a great game that the NSAA honored him as Defender of the Week. This honor is individually awarded for the best defensive performance in the conference each week.

Yeakel finished the game with 11 tackles and a game-sealing interception. He’s intercepted a pass in three straight games, all of them against conference foes. His pick was the third of the day for the Warrior defense following interceptions from freshman cornerback James Jackson Jr. and junior cornerback Cameron Newsome.

Yeakel hauled his pick in by undercutting a post route while sophomore safety Chris Jones was covering the receiver over the top. “I just tried to execute the game plan the coaches gave me and read my keys as well as I could,” said Yeakel of his performance. “They (the coaches] put me in great positions to make plays all over the field against a very good football team.”

Yeakel is an Iowa product, recruited right before camp started. He grew up in Kanawha, Iowa, but went to school at West Hancock high school in Britt, Iowa. He was originally signed with Wartburg College for football and track, but changed his mind two weeks before the season because he wanted to be closer to home.

The small-town kid didn’t want to leave the small town. Therefore, he ended up coming to Waldorf University, which seems to be working out well for both parties. Yeakel was able to secure the starting spot on the depth chart at free safety just days before the week 1 matchup against Briar Cliff. He then injured his head during a collision in the game, which gave him a concussion and kept him out of the game against Dordt.

“I have known MaCoy my whole life, and I would do anything to help him to succeed out there on the field,” said fellow free safety and mentor Drew Christianson.

Ever since then, Yeakel has been balling out, making the most of his playing time as a freshman.

He looks to continue his success for the rest of the season.