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David Rask Behling works at his desk. Photo by Darien Walsh

David Rask Behling works at his desk. Photo by Darien Walsh

By Darien Walsh

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs,  Dean of the College, and lover of legos and Star Trek, David Rask Behling has many responsibilities regarding Waldorf College. Behling is responsible for the Academic program, both residential and online. He is overseas many in different departments. He works with faculty to make changes.

The most difficult part of Behling’s job is dealing with difficult decision making involving students, faculty, and budgets. “I have to play heavily the bad guy, though I’m always looking to be the good guy,” said Behling. “I try to find that win-win situation.” Behling’s love for Star Trek and understanding for the calm and detached half-human, half-Vulcan Spock has helped with his position as dean.

Before being appointed Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Behling was a faculty member teaching writing courses. His main focus was the English Department, but as the Dean, he ejoys the opportunity to learn about all the different parts of Waldorf campus.

He also enjoys learning about people. He finds all to be talented and fun. “I will miss meeting so many new people,” Behling said about returning to faculty in 2016.

“Everyone is different,” said Behling, “so it’s hard to give general advice. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable. Some people take it as a lecture or condescending.” The advice Behling offers isn’t condescending, but useful, and something to remember during the school year. “Try to find a balance,” said Behling. “Be energized for classes, but also in other parts of your life. Being involved is empowering.”