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Faculty Feature: Dr. LeAnn Nash

Dr. Nash's interests include reading among other things. Photo by Jaci Olson

Dr. Nash’s interests include reading among other things. Photo by Jaci Olson

By Jaci Olson

Dr. LeAnn Nash is chair of the English Department at Waldorf College. This is her sixth year as a faculty member.

Nash grew up in Gilmer, Texas, a tiny town of 5,000. “Everybody knew everybody,” Nash said. “It had a small town community and was familiar to me, yet has a certain charm because often there’s a community support in small places.”

In high school, Nash was in band and played the flute. However, band wasn’t her primary interest in college.

Nash decided to come teach at Waldorf toward the end of graduate school. “I was looking for a place to work and looking for a liberal arts school,” Nash said. “My school had 11,000 people and I really like where I’m at. Waldorf felt like a good fit. In a way, it’s like coming back home.”

Nash went to college at Texas A&M University Commerce. “I liked it but the problem with a college that size is you see your students at class and sometimes they take the initiative to meet with you and sometimes you really don’t see them, so it’s hard to know if they’re doing okay and here at Waldorf we’re able to step in and offer help and I really like that,” Nash said. “That’s what we have a chance to do, to develop more support. We’re not just writers in class. That’s important to me. I want to make a difference.”

Nash says her favorite part of the job is teaching. “It’s what I love to do,” Nash said.

Her biggest challenges are juggling administrative duties to maintain effectiveness and balance.

Nash also enjoys the small town life of Forest City and regularly participates in a local community choir. “I’m in Sangkor, which is fun,” Nash said. “I also sing as a worship team person at my church. I love music.”

Some of Nash’s other interests include reading, cooking and exploring her environment. “I like taking day trips to explore the Midwest,” Nash said. “It is fun to explore this region because it’s new for me.”