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Erica Fee- Spotlight Athlete of the Week

Erica fee is the Athlete of the Week. Photo courtesy

Erica fee is featured as the Waldorf Athlete of the Week. Photo courtesy Eno Lomo-Mainoo

Erica Fee, a member of Waldorf College’s women’s track and field team was the spotlight of the week. She achieved a personal best time for the team in the 800-meter run, crossing the finish line in 2 minutes, 43.32 seconds during the Minnesota State University Open & Multi on Saturday, Jan. 23, at Mankato, Minnesota.

Fee, originally from Knoxville, Iowa,  is a transfer student from AIB college of business and a sophomore at Waldorf College studying marketing and management. She was encouraged by her parents to be involved in multiple sports such as volleyball, softball, and track because of her athletic ability. In freshman year of high school, Fee started track and field and was originally recruited into Waldorf College’s volleyball team and later, the women’s track and field team.

“I like how competitive running can be,” Fee said. She however, dislikes that she has to run over 20 miles every week during practice.

Fee’s aunt Stacy is her role model because she’s the “strongest woman” she knows and is encouraged by her lifestyle. Fee loves to sing, dance and play volleyball.

“I love that it is easier to get to know people at Waldorf,” Fee said. She also added that the smaller classes and one on one interaction with the staff at Waldorf adds to the comfort.

“Erica has a good head on her shoulders, works very hard and hates losing,” Michael English, Fee’s friend said. He also described her as a nice and intelligent person.

Valerie Rivera, a friend, teammate, and roommate of Fee described her as funny, kind and adventurous. Rivera also added that Fee is  “competitive and very determined.”

“Don’t be afraid to try new things,” Fee said as a piece of advice to Waldorf students considering that she accepted to do both volleyball and track and field at Waldorf College.